Associate Producer
Associate Producer
Associate Producer

Worked on three documentary films for the Smithsonian television channel (CBS and Showtime). I scheduled shoots, obtained archival footage, wrote script, sourced narrators, and art directed B-roll. Here are snippets of the projects I worked on: “Stranded: Alpine Crash,” "Ingenuity Awards: Ben Franklin’s Social Network," and "Ingenuity Awards: Be Good to the Music."

All videos are copyright and sourced from the Smithsonian Channel with permission.

Stranded: Alpine Air Crash (2013)

Assisted in the acquisition of the film from a partner channel, sourced and acquired stock footage from Swiss archives for B-roll, acquired, planned and supervised narrator recording for the film, assisted in script writing.

"In November 19, 1946, a U.S. military transport plane goes out of control while flying over the Swiss Alps and crashes high in the mountains. Miraculously, all 12 passengers and crew survive the accident, but their safety is anything but assured. The aircraft has flown miles off course, and its position is unknown. Food supplies are low, the temperature is dropping, and their radio battery is running out of juice. Time is quickly running out. The fate of the survivors will depend on one man, one plane, and one inspired idea.

Ingenuity Awards: Ben Franklin's Social Network (2013)

Created B-roll footage used in the film to show the connection between Ben Franklin's social network and modern-day social networks. I also sourced and acquired archival footage used for B-roll and assisted with interview editing (all shown in the short). 

"Caroline Winterer is the principal investigator of the Benjamin Franklin Project. By using social network analysis, she is challenging accepted historical narratives about one of our founding fathers."

Ingenuity Awards: Be Good to the Music (2013)

Selected and pitched St. Vincent (Annie Clark) to receive the ingenuity award for music and to be featured by the channel. Conducted research on her achievements as a musician, sourced existing interviews, planned additional interviews and shooting days. 

"Annie Clark is a singer-songwriter better known by her stage name St. Vincent. She exchanged media files over the Internet with David Byrne, playing musical tennis, to create the album 'Love This Giant.'"